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Adjustment Of Guide Rails And Guide Shoes
Aug 19, 2017

1. The car and the counterweight guide rail should be oiled every two weeks, on the roller guide rail should not be oiled, should be regularly eradicated rail surface area pollution, lubricating oil can be used 10th hydraulic oil.

2. The guide rail should support solid, keep vertical, not sway skew, all fastening screws should have no loosening phenomenon.

3. If the rail is damaged by the surface roughness caused by breaking oil or by the action of the safety clamp, it shall be used before polishing.

4. Check the sliding guide shoes on the guide rail on the friction caused by the wear of its liner, if the wear is too large gap in the car in the movement will produce shaking phenomenon, should promptly replace the boot lining.

5. Inspection Guide shoes should pay attention to the guide rail and safety clamp must maintain the appropriate clearance to avoid the guide shoes slightly wear after the safety clamp misoperation.


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