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Advantages Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine
Apr 26, 2018

Advantages of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

(1) Low wear. The biggest advantage of the gearless traction machine is that it does not have any transmission structure except electricity.

There is no mechanical wear on the rotor shaft (it is also the traction shaft) with a set of bearings. Without wear, it naturally extends the life of the traction machine.

(2) Energy saving. The gearless traction machine has no mechanical structure because it has no transmission structure loss, relatively speaking, also saves energy and operating expenses. Take an example of elevator with a load 1000kg and a speed of 1.0m/s: 11kW is required for the OTIS geared traction machine (traction ratio is 1:1), and KISA gearless traction machine (traction ratio 2:1) Only 6.7kW.

(3) Easy to install. Since the traction sheave is directly fixed on the shaft of the motor, the structure is compact and small.

Lightweight, easy to hoist, transport, so the site is much easier to install, still with a load of 1000kg, the speed of 1.0m / s frequency conversion speed elevator as an example: Otis geared traction machine 17CT, weight 1300kg; Kisa gearless traction machine KA320-100/1000 weight 300kg.

(4) Smooth operation. Because there is no transmission structure, there is no belt drive lost, slip, electricity

The leveling layer has high precision and reliable operation; there is no gear meshing noise and vibration, which shows that the elevator runs smoothly and the noise is low, which is also the outstanding feature of the elevator green revolution.

(5) Save fuel. Since there is no transmission structure in the gearless traction machine, it also eliminates the need for a conventional gearbox.

Lubricating oil, it only has enough grease in the bearing. Day-to-day maintenance does not have the tedium of replacing the lubricant, but also avoids the pollution and maintenance difficulties caused by oil leakage, and saves the cost of lubricants.

(6) easy to use. Since the gearless traction machine has no liquid lubricating oil, there is no leakage, no contamination, and it can be installed in any position, such as hanging on the top of the hoistway.



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