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Check The Speed Limiter And Safety Clamp
Aug 19, 2017

1. Speed governor action should be flexible and reliable, rotating part of the lubrication device should be maintained well, refueling once a month, the annual cleaning to replace a new one.

2. The tensioning device of the speed limiter shall be in good working condition, and the lubrication of the Rope wheel and guide device shall be maintained well, once a month, and once a year.

3. The safety clamp is flexible and reliable, has enough strength, can withstand the corresponding impact force.

4. When the car is clamped by the safety clamp on the guide rails, the safety clamp device on both sides of the car should be at the same time, and both sides of the force evenly, at this time the car should not be significantly skewed.

5. The transmission lever of the safety clamp shall be lubricated, and the base grease of the jaw block or roller can be rust-proof.

6. When the safety clamp is in effect, the interlock of the safety clamp should immediately turn off the power, disconnect the control circuit and use the motor to stop operation.

7. When the safety clamp is applied, the gap should be checked and adjusted again.

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