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Development Trend Of Chinese Traction Machine
Aug 19, 2017

The development manager of China Traction Machine is driven by DC-toothed type, alternating double speed tooth type, AC voltage regulator has teeth type, alternating frequency modulation pressure has teeth, to today's permanent magnet synchronous gear-free, because the permanent magnet synchronous brushless traction machine structure compact, small size, easy to place and power, energy-saving effect is obvious, no need gear lubricating oil and other outstanding features such as energy-saving and environmental protection.

In the past few years, in a short span of a few years accounted for 55% of the total output of traction machine, and there is a trend to accelerate the development, but there are toothed traction machines and drive the main engine in the escalator, the active sidewalk, the old ladder transformation and high-power elevators still have a stable market demand. High-speed traction machine has become the focus and popular of the professional competition in high-rise building and super high-rise construction.

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