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What is elevator winding drum machine?
Jun 20, 2018

Elevator winding drum machine (It is also called direct drive permanent maget traction machine) belong to the elevator traction drive technology devices. Including the machine body, the front and rear walls are equipped with a matching chamber for the loss of power brake. Inner rotor, supported on the machine body. The stator is set in the middle of the inner rotor . External rotor, located in the body cavity, fixed magnetic steel on the cavity wall of external rotor cavity. The left and right traction drum is fixed with the left and right ends of the inner rotor. A loss of electric brake to open in the first box in the corresponding loss of electric brake with the location of the cavity and the walls of the box body is fixed and cooperate with the outer rotor, another loss of electric brake in opened in the corresponding box lose electric brake with the location of the cavity and the walls of the box body is fixed and communicate and coordinate with external rotor in an internal rotor bearing, located on the right side of an inner rotor bearings with outer rotor.


Elevator winding drum machine

Load(P+Q): 600kg-1000kg

Roping: 2:1

Speed: 0.3 ~0.4m/s

Rope: 6mm or 8mm

Hoist height: 12~15M

Drum diameter:268mm


Elevator direct drive traction machine

1.Lower installation and maintenance costs:permanent magnet synchronous direct drive structure, maintenance-free,without counterweight

2.Small motor with light weight can be adapted to small hoistway, OH、pit depth and the utilization rate of shaft achieves the best effect 

3.Low frequency with big torque, start stable with low noise 


Advantages of direct drive permanent magnet traction machine:

 Simple in structure, smooth running and good reliability; reduce braking power transmission links and improve braking efficiency; energy-saving effect, small size, easy installation; hoisting machine reduces its power consumption, compact structure.

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