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Elevator Guide Pulley Function
Aug 19, 2017

The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rails, guide boots and guide frames, the two ends of the traction rope are connected with the automobile and the counterweight respectively, and are wound in the traction wheel and the pulley. When the transmission changes, the traction wheel drives the rotation, and traction traction rope, realize the friction between the traction wheel generated, so as to achieve counterbalanced movement and balance, so as to achieve the purpose of transmission, the boot can be fixed on the car in the building along the track wall to prevent the car tilt or sway up and down in the process of moving. Often closed brake shoe brake motor work, release the brakes, so that the elevator operation, in the case of power outages, so that the car stopped lifting, and at the designated level of the station to maintain its static state, for people and goods out of the station.

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