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How Does The Linkage Work Between The Speed Governor And Safety Gear?
Apr 18, 2018

Some customer ask a question about how to work between speed governor and safety gear.We'd like to explain it.


How does the linkage work between the speed governor and safety gear?

The speed governor is connected to the safety gear levers installed on both sides of the car by wire ropes. In order to ensure accurate velocity response of the speed governor, a speed limiter tension device is installed in the pit bottom. When the elevator is running, the steel wire rope transforms the vertical movement of the elevator into the rotational movement of the governor. When the rotational speed of the speed governor exceeds the limit value, the speed governor will first make the overspeed switch act to cut off the power supply of the elevator control circuit and cause the electromagnetic brake to lose power and brake. If the brake fails, elevator goes down, the speed governor will jam the wire rope, forcing the safety gear to move and force the elevator to stop on the guide rail. In order to prevent the traction machine continuing to rotate, a safety gear switch is specially provided. When the safety gear is actuated, the switch action is performed and the control circuit will be cut off.

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