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​How To Choose Steel Wire Rope Traction Machine And Steel Belt Traction Machine
Jun 26, 2018

How to choose steel wire rope traction machine and steel belt traction machine for home lift

Traction wire rope is made with steel wire spiral twist, again by more spiral twist into a rope and is characterized by good strength, friction, low cost, long service life, because guide pulley contact wire rope when turning force uneven, in order to prevent the wire rope "fuzz" to request guide pulley radius is larger.


Flat steel belt is made of polyurethane materials bag dogan parallel arrangement of wire, wire rope is better than strength and friction, cost is high, service life longer than steel wire rope, but the steel belt and guide wheel contact each wire stress is consistent, so guide wheel radius could be smaller.


Based on the above characteristics, the standard wire rope traction machine advantage is more obvious when use standard guide wheel.Steel belt traction machine can reduce the guide wheel radius, lower pit depth and overhead, at the same time smaller guide wheel is helpful to reduce side counterweight position, thus it can be appropriately raised car size 50 mm.

It can be seen that the steel wire rope and steel belt should be selected according to the characteristics of the hoistway plan. When the pit depth and overhead size is non-standard, steel belt gearless elevator traction machine shall be adopted. 


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