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Kisa Gearless Traction Machine With Special Design To Meet Request Of Machine Room Less Traction Elevators
Mar 22, 2018

The traction version of the machine room less (MRL) elevators are usually implemented with the smaller gearless traction motor that can place the inside the shaft to make the spaces not reduced by the large size motor.

So research team of Shanghai Kisa Industry main focus on develop small size and low noise gearless traction machine.

Our new type KA200,240,320 series is updated version of KA200B,240B,320B series.There are several advantages.

1.New type poles is changed to 24.So noise will be more lower and motor runs more smoothly.

2.New type traction machine dimension size is shorter than old type.It will save more hoistway space.

3.Junction box and encoder is installed at the end of motor.So encoder function is not affected by brake action and will be more stable.Installation of machine room less lift will be more convenient than before.

4.The price of new type will be more economical than old type.

800像素.jpg        KA240B  KA320B.jpg

                 New type                                                            Old type