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Principle Of Elevator Oil Pressure Buffer
Aug 19, 2017

The oil pressure buffer is a kind of energy dissipation type buffer, its working principle is: when the oil pressure bumper is subjected to the car and the heavy impact, the plunger moves downward, compresses the oil in the cylinder, and the oil is sprayed through the annular throttle hole into the plunger cavity. When the oil through the annular throttle hole, because of the sudden decrease in the flow area, it will form Eddy current, so that the particles in the liquid to pull each other, friction, the kinetic energy into the heat dissipation, thus consuming the elevator kinetic energy, so that the car or the weight gradually stopped.

Hydraulic buffers Use the damping effect of liquid flow, cushion the car or the heavy impact, when the car or to the heavy departure buffer, the plunger in the role of the reset spring, the upward reset, oil reflux back to the oil tank, return to normal state, because the oil pressure buffer is in the way of energy consumption to implement the buffer, so no rebound effect.


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