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How to Replace The Traction Steel Belt After It Is Damaged
May 31, 2018

Replace elevator traction steel belt after it is damaged

1. The bearing steel curtain wire in traction steel belt needs to be replaced after it is damaged by external objects. If only the coating of the composite steel belt is damaged and the bearing steel cord is not damaged or exposed but not worn, the composite steel belt may not need to be replaced.

2. If one of the composite steel bands is found damaged during the installation of the elevator or before the elevator is put into use, only the damaged steel belt can be replaced. In addition, the whole set of composite steel belt should be replaced.

3. All elevator traction steel belts (including damaged parts) shall not be shortened after initial installation.

4. The tensioning degree of the newly replaced composite steel belt shall be checked. If necessary, the tensioning force of the new composite steel belt shall be adjusted every half month after two months of new installation. If the tension after six months is not balanced, the whole set of composite steel belts should be replaced.

5. The belt fastening device for replacing the elevator steel belt shall be the same as that for other composite steel bands in the group.

6. When the traction steel belt is permanently knotted, bent or deformed in any form, the component shall be replaced.

4. Replace the composite steel belt after the residual strength is insufficient

When the strength of the bearing steel curtain wire of the composite steel belt reaches the residual strength standard, the composite steel belt should be replaced. Ensure that the residual strength of the composite steel band is not less than 60% of its rated breaking tension.

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