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What Are The Characteristics Of The Traction Machine?
Aug 19, 2017

1. can start and brake frequently: the elevator in the operation of the braking frequency of more than 100 times per hour, the maximum can reach an hourly 180~240, therefore, the elevator special motor should be able to frequent, braking, its working mode for intermittent periodic work.

2. The starting current is small: in the elevator uses the squirrel cage rotor design and the manufacture, although still uses the low resistance coefficient material to make the guide bar, but the rotor short circuit ring uses the high resistance coefficient material manufacture, causes the rotor winding resistance to improve.

3. Motor running noise Low: In order to reduce the motor operating noise, the use of sliding bearings, in addition, the appropriate increase in the stator core of the effective outside diameter, and in the stator iron core punching shape and so on reasonable treatment.


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